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Affiliate Program!

We are proud to announce our new affiliate program, offering payment incentives to users willing to promote Best Lightroom Presets.


Once accepted into the affiliate program, new affiliates will be given a unique custom affiliate link to be posted across the internet (Instagram Stories, Bios, Facebook Posts, Snaps, Blogs, etc.)


Q: So how do I make money with my custom link?


A: Each time a follower of yours purchase through your custom affiliate link,  you earn 30% of the sale!

Cool Huh?!



✔ Are you passionate about taking great photos?


✔ Do your friends always comment on how amazing your photos look?


✔ Are you ready to learn just promoting our Lightroom Presets?


✔ Then join our affiliate program!





This is an amazing opportunity for you!



Advertise our products on your website, blog, Instagram and everywhere else - grow your revenue with each sale!!




 1. Enter our affiliate portal (link below)


 2. Register and login in the affiliate portal


 3. After login, you are given a unique referral link and 15% coupon code to share with your followers


4. Share your referral link and the coupon code on your blog, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.


5. Your followers visit your store through the referral link and purchase products or use the coupon code during checkout


6. The visit is tracked and the affiliate (you) is given a 30% commission for the sale!


7. Join the program is FREE



Up to 30% commissions on all sales

✔ Dashboard with earnings and traffic reporting

✔ Unique access to exclusive offers, high-end graphics and promotional materials

✔ 60-day cookie life


✔ Monthly payouts and unlimited earnings potential, other collaboration opportunities


The more you promote it – the more you will earn! 



How to Become a BestLightroomPresets Affiliate?


Follow these simple 3 steps:


1. Sign up
2. Get approval
3. Start earning


Grab our affiliate links, promote and earn at the same time!




1. What do I need to get paid:


Your PayPal account.
Affiliate program Payments are made once you have earned at least $20 on commission.
You will be paid on the 15th of the month following the month you reach $20 in commission.


2. How do you track my sales?


A ‘cookie’ is stored on your referral’s computer or device when they visit via your affiliate link.

We use these cookies to track affiliates referrals.

The duration of the cookie is 60 days.

This means you will receive commission on any purchases made on our site within the first 60 days.


3. Do I have to pay to become affiliate?


No. It's absolutely free.


4. Do you offer promotional materials?


Yes, once you're approved you can get access to all promotional materials, high-end graphics and banner for your posts or blog.