How to install Ligtroom Mobile presets without a desktop computer –




This tutorial will teach you to install Lightroom Mobile presets you have purchased in our shop into the free Lightroom Mobile app

➡️ 📽 You can watch the full video here: What you need before starting:


      1. Open the email you’ve received and click on the link




      2. Click the “Download Now” Button



      3. Click the small arrow in the top right angle 


      4. Click on the small image that pop-up


      5. The pdf will open on your screen, just click on the “Download your presets” big blue button

      (if you need it again it will be stored also in the "Files” folder on your phone)


      6. Click on the button “Continue to Website”


      7. Then click on “View in app” banner. Please don’t continue on the website version of Dropbox because you will have different /missing options that these instructions.

      Download the app, it's free then if you don't need it anymore you can delete it after the install of your Lightroom Mobile Presets. Dropbox is completely free and you don't need to pay for upgrades or anything.


      8. Click on the small icon with the checkbox, this will allow to select and transfer all the presets at once!


      9. Click on “Export”


      10. Scroll the icons until you find the Lightroom App icon. If the icon doesn’t appear, click on the “More” button and then select the Lightroom App in the next screen.

      Be sure to have a good internet connection expecially if you bought a Bundle or a large pack of presets.



      11. Wait until the export process is completed. Time can be a few seconds to up to a minute or so depending on your connection and the number of presets in the pack.



      12. If this screen pops just click on “Launch Lightroom now”. If Lightroom is already opened in background, it will switch automatically


      13. All the DNGs will show up on Lightroom (could be all black, but this is normal)


      Now, we’re going in the steps to “CREATE” presets so they will go in the “presets” menu and you will be able to use them with one-click


      14. Click on the first preset and open it big


      15. CLick on the 3 “DOTS” on the top right corner in the screen


      16. In the panel that show up select “Create Preset”


      17. Then select “Preset Group” and create a new presets group (the folder that will contain your new presets well organized)



      18. Choose a name (the collection name or anything you wish), then click DONE


      19. Now give a name to the preset (again the preset name written on the image or any name you wish)


      20. The preset has been created! Well done!



      21. Now go back to “Edit” and repeat for all the presets one by one

      Be sure to select the correct presets group, so all the presets will be organized and easy to find and use.



       22. Great! Now you’re ready to edit! Choose a picture and scroll the tool bar at the bottom until you find the “PRESETS” menu


      23. SELECT THE PRESETS group


      24. Start trying the presets until you find the perfect one!


      25. Once you've choosen, apply it clicking on the checkmark icon at the bottom right of the screen

       and you’re done! congratulations!!

      Presets may look differently on your images depending on lighting situations and background colors.

      It is normal to make some adjustments after applying a Lightroom Preset.

      If you need help with editing just contact us