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Lightroom Mobile Course

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Are you tired to hunt for the perfect presets ?

Have you already tried:

  • Each and every photo editing app
  • Puchase all type of presets
  • Buy an expensive SLR camera

And you still can’t get your photos to look consistent or wonder what you’re missing... your photos look too filtered, grainy, unclear, or just off.

This is a digital PDF ebook with the best tecniques to learn how to take beautiful photos just with your phone and  editing with Lightroom Presets on mobile!

Even if you have ZERO photography experience!

You’ll learn quick rules to take better photos for yourself or you business:

  • The basics to master light in indoor and outdoors for creamy bright lights
  • How to take better photos just with your phone
  • What all the Lightroom tools are and the only you really need to use

Fix the most common issues with presets when they're not one click!

  • How to tweak Lightroom Presets to perfectly fit your photos
  • Fix skin tones, adjust colors, make colors pop
  • Create your own presets and develop a unique style
  • and much more...

A 50 page pdf ebook readable from mobile directly and take always with you for reference.